Emma Jenkins

25th January 2012 is a historic day in my life - my first EVER Zumba class with Stef!!!! 5 & a bit years later I am still here!!!! I had never set foot in a gym or done any kind of excercise.........Within a couple of weeks I has hooked, loving my Zumba classes. I then added in a Boxercise class, which also became a favourite, a FAB stress release! I began to lose weight, people began to comment on how I looked which gave me a real boost. Stef as always was so encouraging & supportive. I also have dipped in & out of Insanity & Bootcamp and I now love LBT!!! I went from a good size 16+ to a 10/12 and a feel amazing, so much more energy, I am not denying that I it find it tough sometimes but I will give it a blooming good go. Stef is one AMAZING lady & I would like to thank her for showing me that age & size does not matter!!!! I would not be without my Stefit classes now and I have made a great group of friends in the process xxxx


Dianne Garrad

Stef *****
I've been attending Stef's classes for 4+ years, bokwa, running club, boot camp, Zumba, circuits, boxercise, insanity & LBT's Great classes, there's nothing not to like about Stef, she's Fab
S - strong
t - talented
e - energetic
f - fun
I - infectious
t - tough
A great person, a little crazy at times she's helped me achieve things that I didn't think I could, I too love being part of her fitness family, there's a great bunch of us go to the classes, we have get togethers, & we have good times out, so glad I met Stef & Ive met a lot of very nice people. - thanks Stef x


Candice Annaly Horspool

 Having had two babies in very close succession, I had baby weight to lose and confidence to gain. I tentatively decided to try Stef's Boxercise class, when I first started I felt like everyone in the class was so fit and I'd never be able to feel comfortable or achieve my goals but Stef's positively, encouragement and energy all with a big friendly smile is so catching! I've since been to her Zumba, Circuits, LBT and even Insanity classes which I never thought I would! Stef makes your goals become achievable and I love being part of her fitness family!


Linda Farmer

After personal training with Stef O'Hara for approx 2 years I am fitter, healthier and happier, she has supported me both before and after my knee op and kept me from over doing things whilst still motivating me, couldn't ask for a better trainer or nicer person xx


Julie Bradford

After having a baby I really wanted to get back in shape......I had wait 3 years to do it!!
I decided in my wisdom that skip fit would be ideal.
It was....I loved it and it encouraged me to try other things.
I also struggle with motivation and will quite happily find any excuse not to do exercise so i tried Stef's personal training sessions. I love them even though they are hard work but stef is fabulous at the right amount of motivation and positivity. Despite the aching limbs it's worth it and even though it only 1/2hr I can see the changes I wanted to see.
Thanks stef your amazing.


Sandra Johnson

Before July 2016 my only experiences of exercise classes were the horrors of PE at school . Six months in to my fitness journey I was still in the morbidly obese category, struggled with most common exercises and suffered with severe anxiety along with hypermobilty. I have to admit I was terrified leading up to that first Boxercise class but Stef couldn't have been more welcoming and after discussing my particular issues helped me modify moves and join in the class.

Although the classes (and PT) are tough, Stef's enthusiasm is infectious, making the classes fun. And the proof is in the pudding, 9 months on I'm so much stronger and fitter. I can even do the dreaded burpee, along with other exercises I thought would always be beyond me. I love the atmosphere in classes, the way Stef pushes me beyond anything I ever thought possible while still within the bounds of my own abilities and how she supports me in my personal fitness goals.



Kate Bridle
I first went to stefit as I hadn't exercised in years and wanted to improve my fitness and health.
    Stef really helped by giving me the confidence to believe I could achieve this.
The result is a year later I'm hooked and love every class I go to and am 100% fitter than I was a year ago.
  Stefs enthusiasm is infectious she always keeps you motivated and helps you to push yourself.
Exercise has now become something I love rather than dread because of Stef.
I would recommend stefit to anyone who is apprehensive to start or get back into exercise or anyone who wants to be challenged to reach their goals.

Sindy Davies  

I have been going to Stef’s classes for about a year now, maybe a bit longer, I started off with Boxercise and also do LBT’s, Zumba, sometimes Insanity and Bootcamp, I never in my life thought I would get so much enjoyment out of them, I disliked any form of exercise and any classes I joined I soon got bored of and gave up but since discovering Stefit I have to say I love it!! Yes it’s tough at times but you know you can do it because you are there encouraging us every step of the way, even personal training which I have tried a few times, has been amazing, you get me doing thing I never in my life thought I could do and the feeling after is great, I feel I  have so much more energy and have even turned down nights out because a certain class is on that I don’t want to miss, ok, not every time but I enjoy them that much, I can’t wait to see what you throw at us each week, well I should say not all weeks :o)  but even through the pain you feel energized and amazing after but the main thing being you make it fun and enjoyable too but you work us hard.. I remember the first time I tried zumba, I came away thinking, no way that’s not for me, I tried it a second and third time and am now completely hooked, even though I still can’t get my head and body to do the right moves I literally smile all the way through because it’s so much fun and now when listening to music at home, in the car or on my iphone if a track from zumba comes on, I am wanting to literally do those dance moves, your whole way of thinking changes, so Stef it’s all thanks to you, you give us focus as we have have a routine of classes to attend and again there is such variety for every single one of us whatever our levels may be, you push us when we need it (mainly when chatting inbetween boxing classes) but you encourage us too and in return we encourage each other, I feel part of a really great team and socially we all have such a good laugh together too, we are your ‘Stefit’ family so long may you reign!! x



Janet Rose


About five years ago I attended your Zumba class each week. I could not believe the amount of energy you had. You gave me good advice on what I could do because of my bad knee. You kept checking to see if I was ok. You made the lessons fun, friendly, energetic. I was gutted when there was no more of your classes near here. You are one fab instructor and I miss your lessons. Thank you for all you done for me. Xx



Emma Strange

There are so many personal trainers and class instructors in the area so choosing which classes to go to and which personal trainer to use is so hard.


So please find some testimonials below of success stories of our clients who picked me and my team to help them...

'I spent a good few months looking for a personal trainer that  seemed motivational, enthusiastic and energetic, everything i felt i needed to kick-start my new excercise regime. I came across one of Stef's excercise classes and was instantly inspired!!


I have now been having personal training sessions with Stef for 8 months. To begin with i didn't have any goals or personal achievements in mind other than to get fit. Stef came up with a creative, challenging but fun workout for me that all took place using equipment outdoors!


Throughout the last 8 months Stef has encouraged me to set myself fitness goals and supported me to achieve them all.

Stef has also gone above and beyond to help set up a healthy eating plan, which has achieved me some fantastic results that i simply couldn't have done without her! Including putting excercise plans into place regularly for me to follow throught the week myself.


Despite having scheduled training sessions with Stef she is in constant contact to find out my progress and always on hand when i need any help or support!

Stef clearly enjoys what she does and her positivity, out going personality and energy gives drive and support to everyone around her.

Stef has an in depth professional fitness knowledge, and while working with you she insures to meet your individual needs.


I am ecstatic with the results i have achieved, not only has Stef helped me to loose over 3 stone and improve my overall fitness but the whole process has helped me to gain confidence in myself and my abilities.

Thank you Stef for all your support and hard work.'



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